2020 Vision & Planning Guide

The lens through which you can see your year ahead clearly, with 2020 vision! 

Vision & planning as you've never experienced it before - This guide will help you achieve all your biggest goals, while enjoying the journey.

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Make your plan, set your numbers, then surrender to your flow! 

Every new year you sit down and write your vision for the year ahead. You make your best plan, get excited, but by February "real life" has taken over. Your vision is just another crinkled up bit of paper in your desk drawer, or a vision board gathering dust. 

You become reactive, fighting just to keep up with the daily demands of life. This is NOT thriving. 

Before you know it, another year has gone by, the holidays are rolling around again, and you wonder "did I actually do anything I set out to do?" 

Perhaps you sneak a look at your vision and goals from last year, with a sinking feeling that you didn't lose the weight / find love / hit your business or career goals / turn around your finances. With frustration, you vow to do better next year! 

But it always feels like life is happening to you, and it's a struggle just to stay on track.

Or maybe you're an "A-type" personality and you have this goal thing down. You blaze through your to do list every day, following a strict regimen, checking every box, but with each new goal you achieve you feel empty! 

You look back at the end of the year and despite your achievements you still feel unfulfilled. What gives?

Sound familiar? We got you!

Here's a dose of truth for you. 

You'll never expand into the biggest version of yourself until you get super specific about your goals, get clear on your numbers, and break your vision down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily actions that align with your deeper purpose.

And guess what? It doesn't have to be scary. 

Hitting your BIG goals comes down to your daily actions! 

But you have to allow for "life" to happen as well, to let yourself experience the moments, all the feels, and the joy. It's about accepting that despite our best laid plan, this will take on a life of it's own; we have to learn to go with the flow and be in the mystery. 

Now's the time to go inside, reflect honestly on the year just gone by, and decide where you're headed next. If you listen carefully to your Soul's whisperings you will be on track to discover and live out your Dharma, your soul led, most juicy life.

This comprehensive guide and process will walk you through how to do this, in a fun and unique way, step by step

Because we worked out what it takes to achieve those goals. To really change your life once and for all, while still being in the flow of "life", instead of fighting against it. We believe in being present, enjoying the journey.

Are you ready for a new way forward where your goals meet dharma and fulfillment?  

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