The High Achievers Guide to Truth, Fulfilment & Your Unlimited Potential, Masterclass Series

If you’re tired of all the bullshit happening out there and have been wondering what comes next on this path of spiritual evolution, beyond the normal "personal development"... This invitation is for you.

Do you ever feel like you're not quite living from your full potential? Discover an unlimited power source (versus the limited one most people run on) love up the planet, remember the Truth… And do what we fucking came here to do! 

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If you're like us, you’ve had some success & achievements, but you may still feel unfulfilled, that something is missing (and no amount of money or fame can fill that hole). Not to mention, the world is insane at the moment and it’s just NOT okay with you (with animals, our living earth and ou oceans all suffering, not to mention greed, false gurus and BS is rife...) You keep hitting one goal after another, but it’s a short hit of dopamine, like being on a never-ending hamster wheel, and it doesn’t bring true and lasting fulfillment. Like, when is it enough? … You really want to make a difference, while feeding your soul at the same time… Like we did you crave real, deep connection, better relationships, but inside you secretly feel like things that used to work aren't working anymore. 

We have some things to share with you that will likely rock your world, like it did ours...…  

In this masterclass series we'll be discussing:  

  • Why love, sex and relationships have become to dysfunctional. We're chatting about whether "open relationships" are the way forward, and what that looks like. We have a panel of men, and a panel of women, ready to bare all and share what they really think about the opposite sex. 
  • The answer to the question “What comes next after personal development?” I’ve done all the things, I'm hitting my goals, and I still feel empty, like “what am I missing?” Now what!”  
  • How high achievers can create and hold a damn boundary during a time of change that feels very raw (there’s a lot of shit happening out there, discover how to protect yourself).  
  • How to have what we really need (to feel supported and create) without causing harm to others or the planet, and how your success can actually fuel a greater mission and connection to our living earth in a time of great need. How to let go of the "more monster" and settle into fulfilment now (without losing your drive). 
  • Cultivate a real world connection in a digital era: Despite being labelled as "the connected age" many people (entrepreneurs especially) are more lonely than ever. Creating a community of connected, conscious people, just like you, is one of our main missions (find your people)! 
  • Share why it’s us (US and YOU) who will lead the way with preventing the deforestation of our rainforests, cleaning up our oceans and changing the way we live with our mother earth. Why as huemans (the care-takers of all life on earth) we have to stop looking away from the suffering of our animals, the other sentient beings here. This isn’t necessarily about about becoming vegan or vegetarian, it’s about finding humane practices for life.  

These ideas and perspectives may shock and surprise you... and it's important to have these conversations, at this time on earth.  

Are you ready for a new way forward where your dharma meets fulfillment, and "life for all" is the prominent value?  

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