1:1 Coaching

Rhonda Smith:

I support Leaders, A-Players, CEOs and individuals with a high net worth who have become emotionally bankrupt and are struggling in their personal lives and relationships. 

From this place we answer the calling which is to the fully step into their dharma and truth, and isn’t only about money and success. 

Through deep work with plant medicine and coaching we’re able to unlock their true potential and fulfilment, which isn’t based in ego. 

Alli Blair Snyder:

Hey, I’m Alli! I’m a college professor, business consultant, entrepreneur, medicine woman, book editor, and self-love hypegirl.

I help people solve puzzles and figure shit out.

My clients call it different things: naming the bubbles, organizing the marbles, taming the squirrels! Looking at the spinning plates in the air and making sure there is support and a plan for every one – before they crash and crumble. Counting all the pokers in the fire and deciding which ones need to be pulled out before they all go up in flames.

Listen: things don’t have to crash and burn before you receive support. My method of coaching is simple: identify, solve, move.

We identify what is: we name the bubbles. We solve what’s happening like a puzzle: we organize the marbles. We move into a plan: we tame the squirrels.

The most powerful tool I give you is the clarity and confidence you’ll develop in how you approach all aspects of your business and your life. My genius is solving puzzles, and teaching you how to find yours. 




David Downs:

Hello I’m David, I’m a life architect who believes in the spirit of the business entrepreneur. I’ve had success starting multi companies, climbing the corporate ladder, and investing in real estate, only to be left with a sense of emptiness. So in my coaching I don’t just examine your goals, habits, work ethics and business plans, but also dive deeper into understanding your rooted beliefs systems, which shape your life and experiences, bringing deep fulfiment to all you do, along with the success. 

We do this by reverse engineering your life; deconstructing the old beliefs systems until we reveal their foundation. From their we reconstruct your best life based upon a new deeper understanding and spiritual perspective, not just everyday logic and societal conventions.

By working with a combination of different methods, it allows you, the spiritual entrepreneur, to understand the old societal programmimg and let go of what is no longer serving. This gives you the freedom to dive deeper into your goals, relationships and business plans, creating anew. I am here to shine the light on the path, so you can lead a fulfilled and successful life.

Jessica Mishler

I help people to find their “give no fucks” Self… To find their authentic voice and speak their truth. 

I remember when I didn’t have a voice… I felt uncomfortable in every situation. Social interactions were anxiety ridden. I had no direction because I wasn’t in touch with my own true Self. I was creating this world that everyone told me would look and feel good, but it didn’t look and feel good to me!

As I tapped into my realness and authenticity, my reality began matching what’s inside of me! I was no longer searching outside of myself for validation. My career and Dharma organically fell into place. Interactions with people that used to be so anxiety-ridden became more natual and enjoyable. 

When a person gets in touch with their own true Self, finds their voice and begins to feel confident speaking their truth, fearlessness happens! It’s an intoxicating freedom. From this place you can transform your addictive tendancies and live life as YOU! No more masks. Perfection isn’t real. 

Through coaching, plant medicine and deep healing work I help you to break free from the trauma and limiting self beliefs which may be holding you back, and we unlock your infinite potential. Confidence, health and beauty become your reality. 

Emanuele Pani

In this world in which “doing more” is perceived to be the answer to being more, I support those that have awakened to the limitation of this perceived reality and system. I can help you if you’re ready to separate your “being” from your “doing” and so accomplish anything and become everything you want.

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