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About Us

 We’re a group of individuals who’ve been brought together by a higher force and a series of synchronicities to answer the question “what’s next after personal development?” After reading High Performance Habits, watching Gary V, learning how to bio hack our bodies, attending Tony Robbins seminars and creating levels of external wealth and success, all while drinking our bulletproof coffees, we noticed something very odd – Sure we’d be in peak state at the events, but we still weren’t feeling deeply fulfilled! We were still kinda a mess on the inside. Something was missing… and the planet was still suffering.

We felt like we’d climbed to the top of the personal development pile, but for what? Tired of some the BS in the self help world, we were ready to try something different. We came together in a ceremony and what we were shown prompted us to create The Expanded Hueman. If you also sometimes feel disillusioned then you’re probably still looking for a deeper meaning, despite your external success. If you feel like we do, that a big change is coming, and you’re ready to be on the cusp of that change, to look beyond fire-walking, gurus and ‘experts’ for something more meaningful, you’re in the right place. 

Inner Circle

For the CEO, entrepreneur and risk taker who has created wealth and external success but is still looking for a deeper meaning… The Inner Circle is your community and your expansion. Get on our email list to hear when we launch.

The Book

“You can’t change the world until you do the work to remember who you are” ~ Rhonda Smith. 

The Whole Method Book is coming soon. Get on our email list to be the first to know when it’s published. Because spirituality is more than just a tick box on your ‘to do’ list!


We hold a number of retreats and high level masterminds around the globe, to blow the lid off of your potential. Custom designed specifically for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and CEOs.

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